The Globes

Monday, January 13, 2014

If you were a man wearing a well tailored suit, you won best dressed in my book (shout out to leo, Tom Hanks and Diane Keaton). But the man who really took the cake for me was Matthew McConaughey. He's been rocking the color tuxes and I have to say, I LOVE. He made a bold statement with the metallic YSL tux at the Palm Springs Film Festival and killed it last night in a velvet emerald green tux. Way to get out there and "git em" McConaughey.

And now for the ladies…
Like Gywn after Chris Martin lost to U2, I was generally unimpressed by the choices of the evening. So much so that the first dress that caught my eye was Helen Mirren (not that there's anything wrong with that, she was the best "age appropriate", but .. ya know). Here are my picks for best dressed : 


Winner for best baby bump look

Minus the horrible hair

And to be perfectly honest, Sosie Bacon probably had my favorite dress of the night …

 Kayley got slammed for her floral print gown, seen on a few worst dressed lists, but I really loved it. 

And then there's Gwyn…
Decided to forego the red carpet, had the tiniest moment on TV, and still killed it - obviously.


  1. i LOVED kate and olivia's dresses...they were definitely my favorites. and that sosie bacon?? drop dead GORGEOUS.

  2. Love that you love Gwyneth. We Gwyn-lovers are a rare breed :)



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