Going to be a Mrs.

Monday, March 25, 2013

This is where it all started, I guess you could say. 
This is the old covered bridge in Corvallis, home to the Beavs and 2 years ago, home to my new boyfriend. This is the spot where he took me on our first date in Corvallis (disclaimer: first date was in Eugene, Go Ducks). We nervously took a walk to this bridge, and it ended up being the place where we held hands for the first time (cue: "aww"). We took this walk through the covered bridge a few more times during our 2 year long distance relationship, it held a special place in our hearts, I think. 

Fast forward those 2 years of dating, and I found myself back at that bridge, I thought by random. Little did I know that my manfriend had something else in mind. He had come home for the weekend from San Francisco to celebrate his birthday. I had a surprise party planned and had recruited family and friends to be "in" on it. My mind was preoccupied with other things (getting him the perfect birthday gift, making sure we had enough beer for the party.. you know, super important things). He had mentioned that he wanted to go to Corvallis to see some friends on his birthday, which I thought was a little odd, but ultimately let the birthday boy do what he wanted on his day. 

The weather was absolutely incredible. We listened to the same CD that has been in my car for over a year it seems like, and took the very familiar trek to Corvallis. We finally arrived to meet up with John and Steff Winder, friends of ours that mentored us our senior year of college. We had a very normal hangout with them, ate homemade pizza and drank home brewed Root Beer, and played with their boys a bit (they showed us their super awesome tree house, which Ricky attempted to get into...kind of a tight fit if you ask me). 

Before we got in the car to head home, Steff suggested that we go on a walk since it was so nice outside. We ended up going to the Corvallis fairgrounds which is near the path to the bridge Ricky and I had walked many times before. We began our walk with the Winders by our side and the boys riding bikes up and down the path circling back once they had gone out too far. At one point, the boys didn't come back. Steff and John seemed a bit worried and casually say "we should probably run up there to make sure the boy didn't jump in the creek or something". Thinking that was a natural response, we agreed and told them to run ahead, leaving me and Ricky alone on the path. 

We finally came up to the bridge, just him and I, and I happen to see this little table with flowers on them. My first thought was "shoot, we probably shouldn't walk through here, someone's doing something cute for their girlfriend, we can't ruin it!"But he calmly kept walking through, assuring me that it was fine. As we got closer my next reaction was "what the heck is that? That isn't for me is it?" Still calm, cool and collected he responded "well I don't know, it has your name on it, doesn't it?" 

It did. 

We walked up to the table where the flowers were and I picked up the book that had our names printed on the front. I began flipping through the book, every page a different memory or milestone in our relationship. Everything from our first date, first time we said I love you, and even hard stuff like all his surgeries and him moving to San Francisco. The second to the last page had an overview I guess you could say of things he had learned through our relationship and him sharing what he had found in me as his partner. The very last page read: 
"March 9th, 2013 The Day I Asked You To Marry Me"

And that's when it happened. He began saying things to me (can't remember for the life of me because I was in total shock and awe), and got down on one knee, asking me to marry him. 

I said yes, duh.
So there you have it, I am going to be a Mrs. 
Me and Rick dog, doin' the damn thing. 

I want to say a big thank you to our family and friends.. you guys have made us feel so supported. I can't wait to go through this important season with all of you, and Ricky and I would not be who we are without out all of your counsel and love. 

#eggerwedding (yes, this is happening).

Thank you Collin and Anna for being sneaky in the bushes to take these pictures! 

Spring Fever

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I've got it. 


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