O Holy Night

Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't get me wrong, I love traditions. They are special little moments or experiences that bring back memories and joy from years past. 

But I think sometimes, especially during Christmas, we get so stuck in our traditions that I think we forget their worth. Like, for example, all the beautiful Christmas songs we have all memorized by the time we were 10 years old. We sing them year after year, barely even having to think of the words and melody. I am definitely guilty of this, singing at church or to my christmas pandora, and not even realizing what I am singing. 

This Christmas season, one particular song has popped up many times and has been pressed on my heart. I have probably heard O Holy Night maybe a million times? But for some reason when listening this year I heard a part that I had never heard before. Was this a new Justin Bieber added verse to a Christmas classic? Nope, it's been a part of the song since its birth, but I just never heard it, I mean really heard it.

It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
long lay the world in sin and error pining
'til he appeared and the soul felt its worth. 

How did I miss such a beautiful verse? How, for YEARS, did I not take this portrayal for how the world felt the night Jesus was born to heart? 

Do you remember the moment you first believed in Jesus?
Do you remember feeling loved?
Do you remember no longer feeling alone?
Do you remember finally feeling worth something? 

Well, I'd like to think that is how the whole world felt 2,013 years ago on the night our savior was born.  The world finally felt hope. There was hope in this child who had come to the world not to condemn it, but save it. To restore this world. What a joy that must have been for them then, and what a joy that STILL is to us now. My hope is that we remember that Joy this Christmas season and use the next couple of days to reflect on what this holiday really is. 

Why we really celebrate.
Why we really give each other gifts.
and why this holiday even began.

We celebrate Jesus Christ, being born to later die for us and our sins, to restore this world that lays in sin and error pining, and the moment our world felt hope and souls found their worth.


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