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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 , you've been a real dream

As I sit here and reminisce on the past 12 months, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. This year has been the craziest, most incredible year of my life filled with new experiences and amazing people. 

Starting off in January 2013 I started my job at Nike. Such a dream come true and answer to prayer. 

Not shortly after, another dream came true: Ricky and I got engaged! 
Surprising me on HIS birthday, and proposing at one of our favorite spots in Corvallis.

& we got to take super fun engagement pictures with the amazing Haley Graham 

2013 continued to really kill it when I was able to go on my first trip to Europe! 



Throughout the year I made 6 different trips to San Francisco while Ricky worked at Google. 
It was a hard season, but definitely a fun one filled with travel and adventure, and lots of time with the Paton's , time I cherish above everything else!

We also were blessed to attend TONS of wedding. 
Such a fun time in our lives, when so many of our friends are getting engaged and married. 
We went to 5 or so weddings this summer alone !

Then, on August 23rd my best friend was born.
Reese Katherine Cater
This little lady has changed our whole family for the better. she is the cutest, most snuffliest thing in the whole world and I can't wait to watch her grow and be the best auntie I can be.

About the same time Reesie was being born, ricky had moved home from the bay and moved into our little condo in Timberland.. that happened to look like this for a little bit ;)

This fall,  Ricky and I joined some of our closest friends in leading Young Life for Sunset High School. We both lead Freshman and are excited for the challenge and growth that will come from leading these kids through high school and walking life beside them. We had our first YL camp experience as leaders, attending Breakaway the weekend before our wedding (we're crazy, we know).

Can't forget to mention some fun bachelorette shenanigans...
I am seriously blessed with THE best people in my life.

People who do this with me: 

Then, on November 9th 2013 Ricky and I tied the knot.
One of the most fun and meaningful days in my life.
Thank you to everyone who came and loved on us.
We especially appreciated everyone who danced their faces off, we love you.

& our family continued to grow ...

We honeymooned in the Dominica Republic and enjoyed every little bit of rest and relaxation (and rum and coke) we could. Not to mention having 85 degree weather every day ...

This year has taught me more and more that everything happens for a reason, that God has so intricately planned our life and wants to give us the best gifts. 

This year was so full of blessings and I thank God every time I think of them. 

Cheers to 2013 and I am as ready as ever to take on 2014, and all that is to come. 



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