A San Francisco New Years

Thursday, January 3, 2013

For those of you who don't know, Boyfriend moved to San Francisco.
He's been there for a few months now and between Thanksgiving, Christmas and starting his new job I had yet to visit the bay and do fun tourist-y things. We got to spend New Years day with our newly engaged (!!!!) friends Cody and Jack scoping out fun spots around the city. We first went to Twin Peaks to look at the AMAZING view, HAD to see the Full House house (MK&A WHERE ARE YOU!?),  and then went to the ultimate spot to see the Golden Gate Bridge. 

San Francisco, you stole my boyfriend, but you are so beautiful I can't even be mad. 


  1. Were going to San Fran this weekend! Ive been there many many years ago and am so excited to go back! Where was the place you took pics at with the view? So beautiful!
    I'm really looking forward to visit! Cant wait!!

    1. AH, you will have such a wonderful time. I went this past weekend as well and the weather was GREAT! Super sunny :) The place we went to take the pictures was called Twin Peaks. We also went on a hike (I will be posting about it this week)near Golden Gate park called Lands End and I highly recommend it! Beautiful views of the water and Golden Gate Bridge.



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