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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rocked the Nike's back in the day :) Happy Wednesday.

25 things

In lieu of sister doing this I thought I would aswell ! And I would also agree that almost everything is still true!
25 Random Things.

1. I told myself I would never do this but my sister peer pressured me and reading hers made me legit laugh out loud

2. There is no word that can describe my obsession with friends. I watch it religiously and everyday something happens in my life that reminds me of something from an episode but i cant tell anyone cause no one understands....

3.My sister is my role model and if I turn out to be a fourth of the woman she is I'm in good shape. I also am gaining THE best brother possible hands down he can beat up any of your guys brothers

4. My dream in life is to go to Africa, preferably South Africa. I want to play with all the kids and let them know that they are loved and are precious in jesus' eyes.

5. If i won the lottery the first thing I would buy is courtside seats to the blazers

6. My dad is secretly ashamed of olivia and I because we don't fence

7. I legitimately enjoy watching sports center and I love the NBA way super much

8. I wish I went to Hogwarts

9. I was put on this earth to be a wife and a mother. I love children and babies more than anything. I want three kids, two boys and a girl :) dont judge me for already knowing that

10. I have a best friend that lives in north carolina, one in spokane, one in corvallis, and a couple in eugene/portland :)

11. Some of my favorite places on earth are Pacific city, WIldhorse, Malibu, Couer d'alene lake, and of course cedar mill.

12. I could not raise a family anywhere other than where i was rasised

13. I'm in love with music. I took piano and guitar lessons when i was younger, did choir for 7 years, been in 2 musicals, BUT i cannot read music, go figure.

14. I have an awesome obsession with Nike. I want everything I own to be nike, I want to work there, and my friends joke that I should get the swoosh tattooed on me

15. I love sushi, I could eat it everday if i had to

16. If I could switch closets with anyone I know it would be Maggie.

17. I used to subscribe to Teen Vogue and I have every issue from march 2003 to may 2008. I thought that I was going to move to new york and have a career in fashion

18. I want to be friends with Lamarcus Aldridge and Glen Davis.

19. Sam wilson is one of my best most precious friends. He has taught me more than i can imagine and our friendship grows more and more everyday.

20. I was so worried about becoming my mother than I didnt realize that I was the spitting image of my dad ( minus the mustache)

21. Although my friends joke about how unathletic I am.. I love playing volleyball and it was the one thing that I feel like I was ever good at

22. Some of my best high school memories revolved around Track and the SCC

23. Monica and Chandler are the best couple ever

24. The thing I find most amazing in amazing grace is the chance to give it up, maybe thats what love is all about. I do not deserve it, but am so blessed and thankful I have it.

25.I work really well under pressure and when i am extremely busy. Even though I seem really stressed all the time I secretly like it.

I could really go for ...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

S'MORES! It's been raining non stop ever since I got to Eugene and naturally when it's gross outside we cling to comfort foods. My comfort food's usually something like Mac and Cheese or popcorn but for some reason a S'more sounds so great! They remind me of bonfires on the beach at Pacific City with the Skaggs and my family, soon enough we'll be back there again!

The best pictures...

Are the simple ones! When I flip through the pages of fashion magazines such as vogue or W the ones that catch my eye the most aren't the lady gaga looking ones with crazy make up and flashy clothing, It's the beauty ads with natural make-up. My favorite outfits (much like the one in my profile picture) are ones with white t-shirts, or men's button down shirts. I found this picture and it epitomized all the aspects of what I think a great picture is.

I can't wait ...

To have a PUP PUP! Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a dog. Black labs, dobermans, droopy 'ol hound dogs, I love them all. I want to have the biggest dog and take him on walks and have him guard my house. Every time I see a dog on campus I always run up and pet it but secretly just want to steal it away. I cannot wait to have one of my own one day !

I want my closet to look like this ...

The new FML

I am sick of reading FML's. This website was designed for people to either create a pity party for themselves or get reiterated by other people on the internet that they deserved it. But I found a new website thats more positive and inspiring and it's called Give Me Hope or GMH. Here is one I read today that particularly struck my attention:
Today, I saw a little kid putting pennies in random spots on the hallway floor of the school I work at.
I asked him why he was doing that, and he said he was putting the pennies heads up so that other kids would find them and have good luck today.
Kids like him GMH.

Every girl should own ...

Monday, March 29, 2010

PEARLS! My favorite item of jewelry that I own is my pearl earrings and pearl necklace. I wear them with every thing and they make every outfit look a little bit classier. Now that I have been turned on to this type of jewelry I am immediately drawn to every piece that has a pearl in it. The next item that I would like to invest in is a beautiful ring with a pearl in it. Something like this ...

Jet Setter

This summer could potentially be an unforgettable one. I am going to visit maggie at the end of august in NEW YORK. Amazing. I cannot wait to spend time with her and see her favorite spots around the city. I'm excited for museums, riding the subway, eating (love the food there), and of course SHOPPING. Also another opportunity that I am praying I get to experience is going to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is an incredibly impoverished country in Southern Africa. The HIV rate is very high, inflation runs over a million % a year, unemployment is over 75%, the vast majority of people live strictly off of what they can grow and they are currently under drought conditions for the third straight year. I have the opportunity to travel there with Gary and Judy Hopkins, pretty much my second parents, with a Young Life group to help run camps and work with the people. It has been my dream forever to go over there and do mission work and I just pray that it all comes together how the Lord wants it.

Spring 2010

I love the new spring 2010 collection from J Crew. I got the catalogue in the mail and it made me excited for spring! I love the floral prints and all the shabby chic vintage looks they are going for this season.

If I had all the money in the world ...

I hate how much things cost, particularly clothes. I flip through magazine or shop online and find the most beautiful things then my eyes slowly and dreadfully search for the price and a little piece of me dies. Here are some of the things I have been drooling over lately ...

via ( Jcrew , Anthropologie, Sunday Brunch )

rain, rain...

Day 1, Week 1, spring term and it's pouring down rain. What a buzz kill coming off of spring break. OH WELL, this gives me the perfect opportunity to drink some tea, work on my crossword puzzle book Cam gave me and HOPEFULLY (with the help of my iphone owning friends) play my new favorite game : Words With Friends. This game is an iphone app and is basically a virtual scrabble game. Being a Journalism major and loving to write and read I find myself taking these games way too seriously... but it's just so fun !

I love my new ...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boat shoes from Vans

Hat from Forever 21

One for One

I know I already blogged about how inspiring TOMS shoe company is but I just can't stop sharin' the love. Not only have I been wearing my TOMS non-stop lately but I also have joined the TOMS campus club at the University of Oregon. We will be planning events and bringing awareness to the need of shoes for children in third world countries. I cannot wait to start working on the social media side of this and using what I know to help bring students to our events.


Tonight was my first time watching LIFE on the discovery channel and I instantly fell in love. This show is similar to Planet Earth which I also love. I love animals so much and am so intrigued by how they live and interact with each other. The way they film this show is astonishing I don't know how they get the shots they do! It's also nice to watch something that is actually educational for a change! Also tonight's episode features polar bears which are my favorite animal.Things I learned today: Lemurs can pull the tails off of scorpions and eat them with out getting poisoned, pretty cool.

Number Ten

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maybe it's because I've been watching Sex and the City too much or maybe it's because I miss this city... but I am dying to be back in New York. I need the shopping, the food, the excitement. My parents both lived in New York and sometimes I feel like after college I would like the do the same. Everything there is so much more lively and interesting. Especially now that I am studying PR I would have so many more opportunities. It's also one of the fashion capital's of the world and has many designers and companies that I would die to work for.Living in New York would be a scary but life changing experience and the older I get the more I see it as a possibility.


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