Number Nine

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Portland. I cannot wait to be home again. The best city in the world. I love downtown, the pearl, NW 23rd, rose garden, BLAZERS, everything. I've never missed this city more. Maybe it's the fact that I'm not at home here in Eugene, or the fact that my entire family is in Portland, either way I long to be back in Portland every day. And I don't just love portland I love Cedar Mill. I love the street I live on, the neighborhood, the surroundings, and the fact that I can call it home.

Number Eight

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian's has been a guilty pleasure of mine for some time now. Being a busy college student, with out cable, I had pretty much given up on T.V., and result in just solely watching Friends on DVD. However, when I went to college and my Mom became an empty nester she began watching E channel more than usual. She was the first to discover this crazy Kardashian clan. She would DVR the episodes for me and every time I came home to visit we would have a date and sit and watch this show. At first the show was just a guilty pleasure, I didn't think there would be much behind this crazy blended family. They call themselves the modern day Brady bunch with a kick, and I have found this to be true. Yes, I love watching Khloe make fun of everyone and wrestle with Kourtney in their families living room, yes I enjoyed watching Kim be a diva, and YES I died laughing over the insanity of mom, Kris. But as the seasons have developed you really fall in love with these people. I think the most important thing about them and the reason why I am so drawn to them is because of the love they have for their family. These sisters are best friends and have the most fun together.They all look out for each other and put each other at the highest priority. Being away at college, I miss my family everyday. I love the relationship that I have with my sister, and wish I still lived down the hall from her. Watching this show makes me appreciate my family and strive to love them and care for them like they do.

Number Seven

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You cannot change the past but you can change your future. The last 20 years of my life have been great. Naturally there have been ups and down but I am at the point in my life where I know what I want and I know who I want to be. It is now it is time to make that happen. I've decided to cut people out of my life that aren't good for me and put the lord, my family, school, and work at my highest priority. It is time to make these next 2o years the best!

Number Six

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(via frugal Fashionista)
Being stuck in week 6 of winter term I find myself day dreaming about summer and Portland and life outside of Eugene. In these day dreams I usually always result in thinking about new clothes and what I'm going to sport next! These are some things I stumbled upon that gets me excited for a spring/summer shopping trip.... and getting back to the best city in the world; Portland!

Number Five

Monday, February 8, 2010

Father of the year and Super Bowl MVP: Drew Brees
When I thought that all hope was lost for good decent hearted athletes and their families Drew proved me wrong. Moments after the Saints won the super bowl Drew was handed his pride and joy, the son him and his wife gave birth to this year. I'll admit I got a little teary eyed seeing Drew hold his son and kiss his hands and tear up in the midst of this monumental moment in their life. Family is the most important thing in life and when I see a blissfully happy family such as the Brees' it makes my heart smile.

Number Four

Super bowl Sunday has come and gone. I personally am a new convert to football, NFL in particular. Being an Oregon student I have been an avid fan of college ball and have learned a lot about the game. This years super bowl was the first time in my NFL watching history that I was rooting for a particular team; The New Orleans Saints. Not only was I cheering for the team because my love of the Kardashian's soon to be family member Reggie Bush, but for the fact that this team was the extreme under dog. With Hurricane Katrina this team has been working to rebuild a city that has been through so much. Their love for their city and fans inspired them and kept them fighting all the way through 'til the end. The victory last sunday was a sweet one not only for the under dogs, but for the 'who dat' nation that believed in their own Saints.

Number Three

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Never in my life have I been more excited for spring. I am excited for warmer weather, new clothes, and pink? I am not a pink girl, in fact I avoid it at all costs. However, when the new spring J-Crew catalog came to my door I was inspired. The entire spring collection was shot in Lisbon, Portugal which was were my parents went on their honeymoon. Portugal looks beautiful and I would love to travel there someday. The pages were filled with creme colors, pastel pinks, and a more softer look. I am dying to buy a pair of topsiders which were features and to find a hat similar to the one posted. I need to get out of winter and into spring asap.Alright J-crew, pink it is.

Number Two

I have never known two people more in love than my grandparents. Their love for each other inspires me and makes me feel so blessed to be a member of this family. My grandfather is the most handsome, sweet, and intelligent man I have ever met and loves my grandmother to her bones. She on the other hand is more of a firecracker with a unique sense of humor as well as her personality. She tells me constantly how lucky she is to have a 'poppy' that loves and takes care of her the way my papa does. I now have in my possession a collection of photographs from when my grandparents first met and got engaged. I love these photos. I took them with me to college, I made copies for my bedroom at home, and I will always hold them dear to my heart. Although my grandmother suffers from dementia the one thing that never will be erased from her memory is how her and my papa met and the life they made together. It amazes me and gives me hope for true love in this world.

Number One

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I found myself debating what I wanted my first post to be about until I found this photo. The point of this blog is to share inspiration that I stumble upon throughout my day. In lieu of Valentine's day TOMS shoes are marketing their shoes as the perfect gift for your valentine. TOMS shoes are founded on the beautiful idea of One for One.With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need. This idea inspires me in many ways. In a selfish world where material goods have replaced some of the simple pleasures in life TOMS mission is to turn it into a positive beneficial act.Shed light and share love.


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