African Aftermath

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Somethings I learned, discovered, stumbled up, and prayed about during my time in Africa.

Beauty can be found anywhere

The lion king does exist. Our dog at morning star was named Pumba, the generic chip of South Africa is Simba, I have climbed pride rock, I've walked with Simba and Nala, and I've seen a million little Zazu's flying around. All true stories.

We all sleep under the same sky

There's nothing more incredible then watching animals in their natural habitat. Honestly, these Hippos were just having a family meeting and our little boat just happened to join in. Even though I love going to the zoo, God didn't intend for his animals to be caged. This is how God intended it.

Home is where your heart is. I was told many times by my home stay families "Don't feel at home, be at home." And I was.

I have never been more aware of my race. I have never been stared at more in my life. I have never felt more in the right place.

We all have a little African in us, we just gotta let it come out.

To date: Warthog is the BEST meat I have ever eaten in my life. To date: Ostrich is the worst.

You never know where you'll make a new friend, and It's always ok to ruin a kodak moment.

Family can be created and must be celebrated.

America is too clean. We over sanitize everything. Although I appreciate it, I learned what it meant to be dirty. I learned that showers aren't accessible to everyone. Not everyone in the world can take a long hot shower everyday. I was so appreciative of that.

"Biological family is too small of a vision. Patriotism is far too myopic. A love for our own relatives and a love for the people of our own country are not bad things, but our love does not stop at the border." - Shane Claiborne

Sometimes your group of friends look a little differently than you expected. Sometimes your new gang of friends don't look like you, talk like you, dance like you do... but they all love the same.

Sometimes kids just need a lap to sit on

I could sit and look at elephants for hours. This herd was the closest ones I ever got to see. They were huddled in an opening right in front of our safari lodge. They put blocks of salt out there so Elephants (who need salt to survive) come out for us to see them. I love how elephants stay in their little elephant packs for life. They stick with their family until they die (which usually is over a hundred years of age, crazy I know). This must have been at 10 o'clock at night and I must have stayed out there for two hours, but it was two hours to short for me.

You can fall in love in one second, have a bestfriend in two, and by the end have a kid who wont let go of your hand, ever. This is Tande.


  1. okay this made me cry a little. not gonna lie

  2. I love you b! You are an inspiration to me, and always have been. You're amazing and I wish I could have been on this journey right by your side:) xoxo

  3. LOVED THIS! looks like an amazing trip

  4. Love this post. Wow, So happy you got to do this and got all this out of it. So glad you are sharing with us..things we all need to pick back up again. Concepts we have lost. I loved it and learned from it, thank you! Glad you are home safe!

  5. oh i love this! what an extraordinary woman you are--to not only go when called, but to be open to learning all these fabulous things! this post is awesome!!

  6. I put a link to your blog on mine since you've done a MUCH better job at expressing our trip than I will ever be able to do! :) Love you. Miss you.

  7. Amazing photos, inspirational quotes, and beautiful writing. Thank you!


  8. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey. The people, the animals, the contrasts, the likenesses, the learning, the stretching, the beauty, the land, the ministry and our BIG GOD. Bless you, Marilyn P

  9. Your photos are Beautiful & I admire you so much for what you have done! ♥

    Army Wife . European Life . Two Great Danes
    * *

  10. This post gave chill bumps the whole time. I love how you wrote it & I loved hearing about your trip. I can't even tell you how much you being over there & hearing your stories has made me miss Africa.



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